Each year the International Artist-in-Residency program invites nine artists to conceive and create pivotal art projects.

Artpace believes that art is a dynamic social force that inspires individuals and defines cultures. Special projects—exhibitions, collaborations, and public programs—further extend Artpace’s mission to nurture the creative expression of emerging and established artists, while actively engaging youth and adult audiences.


AGE: 45
MEDIUM OF CHOICE: Mostly paper. Some works are made by folding the paper, and others by rubbing graphite into the paper. I process lots of different materials for my sculptures and installations.
WHY I MAKE ART/HOW I BECAME AN ARTIST: The hazardous curves on the road of life made me an artist.

CURRENT PROJECT: My current show—"Jenseits von Ideen" at Galerie Wagner + Partner in Berlin—includes installation, folded paper works, graphite works, and video.

PERSONAL PANTHEON OF ARTISTS: Vilhelm Hammershøi, David Lynch, Samuel Beckett, René Magritte, Edvard Munch


I have been reflecting on the entrapment people often feel in their daily lives so the decision was made to look into these two states of freedom and entrapment, and the bird represented these ideas very well.
— tchelo