Art is a dynamic social force that inspires individuals and defines cultures.

Ateliê Alê opened in 2012 and has become a space of democratization and discussion on contemporary art production, fostering access to this subject by producing its own exhibitions, workshops, art classes and  talks relating to what is most current in art today. We promote activities that have a wide range of interests within the arts, including philosophy, literature and cinema. 

Our aim is to provide an artistic laboratory open for curators and emerging artists to develop creative projects and reseraches.


Project LAB570 gives opportunity for artists and curators to experiment in the exhibition space. The intention it is to be a laboratory to try out  new projects, installations or a new media to be experimented. The proposals are carefully studied by our team and interviews and meetings must take place in order to provide an exhibition that complies with the mission and concept of the art-space as a whole. 

Projeto Portão (Gate Project). For this project graffiti artists are invited to make an intervention on the studio’s door. They also present their work in the first gallery of the studio. The objective of  Gate Project is to provide a working space and visibility for graffiti artists as well as  incite a discussion of the relationship between street art and institutionalized art.

Estudo Aberto (Open Study) is our art in residency program. The artist is provided with working space (tables, storage area and wooden board on the wall) for up to three months, and an opportunity to exhibit his/her research at the end of the residence period. The Ateliê asks for a monthly contribution for basic expenses. If a living space is needed our team will do their best to assist the artist in his/her housing search. 


Ateliê Alê art-space was invited to present its projects at Crossroads-Pinta, international art show in London in 2016. Three artists were chosen to represent its projects, Luiz83: Gate Project and LAB570 exhibition program; Renata Huber: residency program, Estudo Aberto and Alexandra Ungern-Sternberg : founder, artist and director of the art-space. Since 2010 Pinta London presented works of emerging and established artists within the main galleries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. In 2016 Pinta London becomes CROSSROADS a platform representing main galleries of Europa, North and South America. 


The Old Truman Brewery East London